Trail Work, October 9, 2022

Trail Work, October 9, 2022

October 11, 2022

While we're down to a skeleton trail crew of Trail Boss Andrew and Trail Crew Supervisor Luke, it's still full team ahead, making use of the great Fall weather and extended build season.

Project Top Gunn

Luke has been working alongside the Starr Trail Solutions crew on "Project Top Gunn" at the Canmore Nordic Centre. This week saw some exciting additions in the form of large wood structures on the trail. The most significant of which is a large "dragons back" feature. (Inspired by the all important strike maneuver in the new Top Gun: Maverick movie perhaps?)

top gunn dragonback 1 top gunn dragonback 2 top gunn dragonback complete

A little further down the trail another large wall ride feature was also added. These features are certainly unique in this area and we hope you’re getting excited to get out and ride them as soon as the trail is ready!

Fun Forest

Andrew has been incredibly busy too just down the road at Quarry Lake area on the new section of Fun Forest. This new section is now open and is a blast for everyone, with a little bit of everything including bridges, rollers, berms and small jumps!

Stay tuned for another update next week with more updates on Project Top Gunn. Until then, Happy Trails!