Meet Chad

Meet Chad

February 01, 2023

Welcome to the initial post of our series to learn more about those trail super heros in our community. We want to highlight the volunteers that put in hours and hours into our making our trails awesome. First up on our list, non other than CAMBA co-founder and current Vice President, Chad Holowatuk.

After moving to the Bow Valley in 2013, Chad quickly realized that recreational trails were being managed by land managers with a top-down approach. Trails were built for the community with little to no input from the greater user group. He found a few passionate volunteers who dedicated their time to trails throughout the years but no organized voice or advocacy group to represent the greater recreational trail users. Chad found that trail use was prevalent, but a true culture of trails did not exist.

Chad saw this as an opportunity to give back to the community. Joined by like-minded individuals Andrew Dickison and Wanda Bogdane, he set forward to create an association to be a voice for mountain bikers and, eventually, other recreational trail users.

Creating a culture where the community is involved and works together with land managers to build and maintain a sustainable trail system takes time and a shift in the status quo. After seven years, CAMBA has forged strong relationships with provincial, municipal and private landowners and represents almost 900 members from Canmore, Calgary and places in between.

Chad is amazed at how much the organization has evolved over the years and looks forward to what lies ahead.