10 Reason to Buy a CAMBA Membership

November 27, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close we’re excited to celebrate a great (albeit too short) season Sunday, Dec 9th at our End of Year/Volunteer Appreciation party. We encourage everyone, members and non-members alike, to come and enjoy a few snacks and beverages with our amazing mountain biking community at the Canmore Brew Company.

CAMBA recently launched a new online membership platform that makes it easier than ever to get or renew a membership.

For those folks who may not be CAMBA members already or are on the fence about renewing membership, we wanted to share a few points about the importance of owning a CAMBA membership.

Invest in your trails

As a mountain biking association, one of CAMBA’s main goals is the development of our trail system, including building awesome new trails and keeping and maintaining the existing trails we know and love. When you join CAMBA your membership dollars are going directly toward this goal and directly toward improving your riding experience.

CAMBA Trail Director Andrew Dickison flagging the Quarry Lake Park Trail

Kick off night for the Quarry Lake Park Trail

This year we broke ground on our first major trail project at Quarry Lake Park! Projects like this simply aren’t possible without support through volunteering and membership. CAMBA has a number of things currently in the works
so if you support new trail construction support us by purchasing a membership.

Panel organized by CAMBA during the 2017 election

Help shape policy

In a place like Canmore, outdoor recreational activities like mountain biking are ultimately controlled by the policies of governments, land managers, and other policy makers. As individuals, our ability to influence these decision makers is limited, but as an organized group we have the opportunity to make our voices heard. CAMBA is this collective voice at the policy table representing the interests of mountain bikers. With each member that joins the organization, that voice grows stronger and carries more weight. Simply put the more members we have, the more opportunity we have to shape policies that affect and improve the sport we love.

Connect with the mountain biking community

Joining a mountain biking association is a great way to connect with like minded people who are also passionate about riding. Whether it’s social events, group rides, or trail build nights the Canmore MTB community is a welcoming one made up of amazing people. If you’re new to the Canmore area, or just haven’t reached out to make that connection yet, we urge you to come and join us. We promise you after attending one CAMBA event you’ll never ride alone again!

2018 CAMBA survey

Have a say

CAMBA puts a lot of time and effort into direct-to-rider research in order to guide our efforts. Every two years, we poll our membership about the issues that matter to them and which trails they deem as most crucial. This data influences our decision making, strengthens trail applications, and directly shapes the goals we as an association strive to achieve. As a member you can have a say.
Even if you’re not a member you can still take part. Fill out this years survey to have your say.

Clear your conscience

One of the unavoidable consequences of outdoor recreation in a place like Canmore is impact on the local wildlife. The last thing any biker or hiker wants is to have a negative effect on one of the incredible creatures that inhabit this area, but at the same time we also want to enjoy it. One of the guiding principles of CAMBA is to have a balanced and responsible stance on wildlife. As a CAMBA member you can rest assured that every decision the board makes is one that has carefully taken into account all potential issues for wildlife.

The CAMBA board hard at work

Do the right thing

Mountain bikers are a lucky bunch in that access to trails typically doesn’t cost us anything. But these trails we love don’t maintain themselves. The trails we enjoy are built and maintained by someone, and often that someone is a faithful volunteer from the local mountain biking association. Buying a membership is the best way to support these people and it’s just the right thing to do.

We’re extremely grateful to people who don’t live in the Bow Valley but understand that buying a membership is part of being a good citizen of the mountain biking community. We also very much encourage our membership to do the same when they ride elsewhere. It’s common for people from the Canmore area to migrate west and frequent trails in places like Invermere and Revelstoke. We encourage people that frequent those areas to buy a membership from a Columbia Valley Cycling Association, the Revelstoke Cycling Association, or whatever local entity supports the trails in the area.

Save money on gear

One of the main benefits of a CAMBA membership is a 10% discount at the bike shops in town: Bicycle Cafe, Rebound, and Outside Bike & Ski. The discount applies to everything in the shop except for bikes and labour. With a single trip to one of the shops you can easily recoup the cost of your membership.

Get deals on amazing food

Another great benefit of CAMBA membership is deals on Canmore’s best food. Edible Life offers 10% off of there healthy, prepared, and delicious meals. At Rave Coffee members get a 10% discount on some of the highest quality coffee you can get. The award winning Three Sisters Market Bistro also offers 10% off all food and drinks. If you have never visited one of these great places please do yourself the favour, you won’t be disappointed. And even better do yourself the favour at a 10% discount.

Enjoy other great discounts

As if discounts on bike gear and food weren’t enough, a CAMBA membership also comes with more sweet deals. Members are eligible for discounted personal bike insurance through Power Pedal Bike Insurance. Insure your bike and never have to learn the hard way the pain of having a bike stolen. BearCozy is a must have to ensure your properly prepared for a bear encounter and CAMBA members get a 10% discount.

At CAMBA we’re extremely grateful to all of our partners for generosity and the great incentives they provide for our membership. With all of these great discounts, a membership literally pays for itself, likely many times over.

It’s cheap and easy

The cost of CAMBA membership is cheaper than most other mountain biking associations. And with all of the discounts, one trip to the bike shop and one dinner can easily recoup the cost of your membership.

It’s also super easy to do from the comfort of your own home. CAMBA recently launched a new online membership platform that makes it easier than ever to get a membership. Just visit signup.camba.ca, create an account and choose your membership option.