Summer 2019 Check-in

September 17, 2019

With summer winding down, we thought it was time for a check-in to let everyone know about all of the exiting stuff CAMBA has had going on this summer.

300+ members!

CAMBA’s membership continues to grow. We made a significant surge during this year’s Plaid Goat festival in conjunction with our first annual CAMBA Poker Ride, which was a great success. We’re thrilled to report that thanks to Kristin V’s membership purchase on July 23rd, we hit the very exciting milestone of 300 active members! We want to sincerely thank all of our members for continuing to support CAMBA and all of our efforts for trails in Canmore and area.

While 300 members is amazing, we don’t want to stop there and we need your help. If you attended our AGM meeting this year you’ll know that our goal for this year is to reach 350 active members. As of this the membership head count is at 338; so close that we can taste it! We’re calling on our membership to spread the word and help us to reach 350.

Membership numbers are extremely important for CAMBA’s advocacy efforts and really matter when lobbying government for trail access and development. We’re also very sorry to break the news, but not only do Trail Fairies not wear boots, they don’t exist. If you ride with friends who aren’t members, let them know how affordable, easy and important it is to get a membership.

Steedz Enduro and Shred Sisters partner with CAMBA

This year CAMBA launched a group membership program geared at clubs and teams who ride here in the Bow Valley. We’re thrilled to report that both the Steedz Enduro team and Shred Sisters coaching have signed up for the program, helping their crew to become CAMBA members. This kind of support from local mountain bike leaders is truly amazing to see and we want to thank Steedz and Shred Sisters for supporting us and the trails they ride and love.

Strides Canmore joins Membership Program

CAMBA membership already comes with great benefits and we’re happy to announce that we’ve recently added even more. Strides Canmore has very graciously joined the CAMBA membership program and is now offering a 10% discount on everything excluding footwear and Nordic gear. We want to sincerely thank Strides, and the entire trail running community, for being such a great supporter of CAMBA and our trail network.

Did you know? Strides has sponsored numerous trail build nights. We’re stoked they’re now a part of our member benefit program.

Social Nights

Coordinating a more regular schedule of social nights for riders, builders, and the rest of the bike community was another CAMBA goal for this year. We’ve hosted three social nights now and we’re thrilled to report that they were a great success! We want to send a huge thanks out to Canmore Brewing Company and Sheepdog Brewing for hosting us and providing amazing venues and delicious beer.

We want to send a huge thanks out to Canmore Brewing Company and Sheepdog Brewing for hosting us and providing amazing venues and delicious beer.

We managed to give away a heap of prizes to our members this year at the social nights and found out that one of our members has a horseshoe embedded where his seat sits! You’re welcome Matt M! Supporting Matt’s bike swag stash wouldn’t be possible without generous donations from our sponsors (joking… sorta!). A sincere thanks out to all of the bike shops and businesses for donating prizes.

Quarry Lake Park

For those not familiar with the project, the Quarry Lake mountain bike trail network will be located in the forested area between the Quarry Lake parking lot and Peaks Drive. This area has a large existing network of trails that are not formalized and are used by a variety of user groups. This project will create a trail network (one climbing trail and two descending options) that includes some existing trails and new sections of trail. It will move bike traffic off the main thru-trail, while enhancing trail user safety.

Trail nights for the Quarry Lake Park (QLP) trail are back and our volunteers have been making great progress this season. Crew leaders and volunteers have completed approximately 640m of trail this year and have connected the first segment to the existing trail network. Great progress!

Did you know? The QLP team took a brief hiatus from the project in August to plan out the next phase and shift efforts to the Razor’s Edge project. The details are still in development, but the next phase of QLP should include more fun and technical components such as bridges, drops, and other technical trail features. Stay tuned for details and better yet come and join us for a trail night before the season ends! There’s no better way to give back to the trails than by volunteering on a build night. No experience is required, bring the kids, and light-duty jobs are even available for those with injuries. You’ll learn a ton from our great crew leaders.

To sign up, email us at and let us know you’re interested. You can find the latest schedule of build nights on our website and on Facebook.

Razor’s Edge Connector

This July and August we ramped up on the Razor’s Edge Connector project and it really showed! Volunteers have completed 515m of trail so far this season and in early September reached an important milestone by making it out of the trees and hitting the 50% build mark for the project. We can’t express enough how thankful and proud we are of our volunteers for making this type of progress in very difficult building conditions.

The Razor’s project was recently featured in the Rocky Mountain Outlook; the article is available online and can be found on pages 6 and 7.

Razor’s Edge is one of the most beloved trails in the valley and this project is the key to formally sanctioning the trail. Without the success of the connector project, we are at risk of having the trail decommissioned, which would be a huge blow. And there are still trail sessions left that we need help with. We’ve recently launched our Rally 4 Razor’s photo contest to raise awareness for the project and to increase volunteer turnout. Enter now!

The contest will run until Sept 21 so Rally 4 Razor’s and get your photos in.

Recently featured in MTBR’s Best Mountain Bike Trails in Western Canada, Razor’s Edge is one of the most technically challenging trails in the Bow Valley and considered a crown jewel for advanced riding in Kananaskis.

Although very popular, this trail is undesignated/unsanctioned, which means it is not formally recognized or maintained by Alberta Environment Parks (AEP). We received hand off of the original application from the late Blue Falconer in 2015, as he was shepherding it on behalf of many forefathers who had worked on the trail’s formalization for years.

In 2017, CAMBA partnered with AEP and the Canmore Trail Alliance to formally submit an application that would address the safety concerns on the trail, and execute the projects to formally sanction it. Did you know that the existing Razor’s Edge alignment descends a steep slope off McConnell Ridge to Highway 1 that resides within Alberta Transportation’s right of way? One of the key elements to completing this trail is building a new 1,900 m section of trail that will direct users off the ridge and will offer a loopback route to the Quaite Valley trail (avoiding travel along the highway ditch and shoulder).

The new trail section is primarily descending, with a few short climbing sections, enabling the trail to traverse across the slope and utilize natural features. The point at which this new trail leaves the original trail was carefully chosen to allow users to experience the majority of the technical sections that Razor’s is famous for. There will be 300m of the existing trail decommissioned to satisfy the Government of Alberta’s safety concerns, but we get 1,900m via the connector! This connector is critical to provide users with a better quality, longer and more enjoyable trail experience.

If you like building trails, you will really enjoy working on this project which has a flare for slab and technical terrain, grade variation, and interesting flow. If you’re interested in signing up to attend one of our upcoming build sessions, let us know and we’ll get you all set up. You can find the latest info about build sessions on our website and on Facebook