Bikescape Partnership

Bikescape Partnership

July 12, 2021

MORE AWESOME TRAIL PARTNERS! The Bikescape team are the kind of people you secretly suspect are actually super heroes. When they’re not out working on the trails with BVMBA and CAMBA, and volunteering as trail crew leaders, they’re training up a new generation of awesome little shredders, or helping people build the skills they need to have even more fun on their bikes.

Providing tours, kids camps, ladies only coaching, and private programs, they aim to provide you with the confidence and skills you need to have a ridiculously fun, seriously safe and mind-blowing mountain bike adventure around the trails of the majestic Canadian Rockies. And they even offer kids birthday parties! Check out their website at

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CAMBA is grateful for the support we have received through our trail partner program. To find out how to become a trail supporter, please visit for more information.