Razors Update - Summer 2021

Razors Update - Summer 2021

August 06, 2021

We're happy to report that Razor's Edge is open again! Before you go and ride it, just a word of caution about current conditions. Due to the recent work on the trail, and the dry weather, some dirt and gravel have built upon some of the slabs, and we recommend you ride with caution. Until we get some significant rainfall to clean them up, the slabs will be riding slippery.

While you are out there, you may notice some small changes on the trail. Volunteers from CAMBA and Friends of Kananaskis have completed the first of four maintenance sessions on the upper trail. This is the first official maintenance that has taken place on the upper section of the trail since it was built over ten years ago and is a critical step in the official recognition of this trail by Alberta Parks. We detailed the work being done in a blog post last year that came out when we completed the new connector trail.

The objective of this work is to increase safety by improving sightlines and removing loose rocks. While some riders might scoff at any work being done as "dumbing down the trail," it's important to remember this trail is located within a provincial park, which means to exist legitimately, there are certain safety standards that need to be met. Also, being a parks trail, the trail is multi-use, meaning that it needs to be safe for both bikers and hikers.

That said, we are not changing any of the existing lines. The challenging lines riders love, such as the infamous "v notch," will remain untouched and as challenging as they have always been. We have made some improvements to the landing area after the notch by adding a substantial berm to catch riders coming off of the feature. The left line, for those who don't ride the notch, has also been cleaned up.

Please come and join us on our next trail day. We have sessions coming up on August 22, August 28, and September 18. Check out our events page for the latest info. Until we see you out there with a pulaski, Happy Trails!