Alberta Parks Cooperating Agreement & Grant

Alberta Parks Cooperating Agreement & Grant

November 22, 2021

Today is a big day for CAMBA, our members, trail partners, and volunteers and one that has been in the making for several years. We have not one, but two HUGE announcements to make. The first is that we have finalized a cooperating agreement with Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP). The second is that along with the agreement, CAMBA has received $100,000 in provincial funding. Yup, you read that right...100 large going directly to trails!


This cooperating agreement allows CAMBA to independently run its own trail building and maintenance events on lands managed by AEP and will significantly streamline on-the-ground operations.

“This milestone acknowledges all the hard work done by our organization and volunteers over the past six years as we have come to be recognized as a trusted and respected partner in trails. We value the relationships we have forged with AEP and look forward to continuing our work together in the years to come.” says Chad Holowatuk, CAMBA President.

Andrew Dickison, CAMBA VP of Trails and Safety follows up with: “The Bow Valley is a complex area that makes new trail development difficult. We have always known that one of the ways CAMBA could be of the most value to our members and all users was to have the official capacity to improve and maintain our current trail network. This agreement makes that possible. We have amazing trails here, however they do need help to deal with the ever-increasing numbers of users and the constant effects of our climate.”

Over the last six years, in order to work on AEP trails, CAMBA has been partnering with the Friends of Kananaskis (FOKC) under their cooperating agreement. This includes trail projects such as Razor’s Edge, Montane Traverse, Cloudline, Iliad, Horseshoe, and others. The relationship CAMBA has built with FOKC has been extremely productive and one that we hold in the utmost regard. Put simply, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today without the Friends. We thank them and all of their volunteers and look forward to continued collaboration and sharing of operational responsibilities with them on the provincial parks trails landscape.

Duane Fizor, Acting Infrastructure Manager/Trails & Backcountry Team Lead for AEP, says “We sincerely value the effort and professionalism of our cooperating partners and look forward to strengthening our working relationship with CAMBA and collaborating on future projects.” Duane has been one of CAMBA’s most valued partners during the process of finalizing this agreement, and we can’t thank him enough for being a champion for us throughout the years.

We are beyond excited about the agreement and extremely grateful that it is being accompanied by a significant amount of funding in the form of a $100,000 grant. “The AEP cooperating agreement is a game-changer for CAMBA, and with it also comes a greater amount of responsibility. This injection of funds from the province will allow us to build capacity and scale up operations, which now include a huge inventory of trails in the Canmore and area region.”, says Justin Deoliveira, CAMBA Vice-President.

Over the winter, CAMBA will be busy putting together work plans for AEP trails, and volunteers can look forward to a variety of trail building and maintenance opportunities next season. Until then, Happy Trails.