Trails Recap 2021

Trails Recap 2021

January 01, 2022

As 2021 comes to a close we wanted to look back and celebrate an amazing season of trail building and maintenance, and look forward to what's on the horizon for 2022.

A Look Back at 2021

Quarry Lake Drop Zone

In partnership with the Town of Canmore, CAMBA completed the construction of a multi-stage progressive drop-zone. Named Dropasauraus Rex by the community in a naming contest sponsored by SMITH Optics, this facility has become an extremely popular addition to the trail network.

Razor's Edge Completed

Following up on the completion of the new Razor's Edge connector in 2020, CAMBA, in partnership with Alberta Parks and The Friends of Kananaskis completed upgrades to the existing Razor's Edge trail. This work is one of the final steps to officially sanction Razor's Edge, and ensure its longevity for generations to come.

Bow Valley Kids Trail

The "Bow Valley Kids Trail" is a short and fun trail that runs parallel to Bow Valley Trail, and is meant to increase safety for commuters, in particular kids riding to school, approaching the roundabout intersection of Bow Valley Trail and Montane Rd. This includes improving sightlines for both riders and drivers. This project is being worked on in partnership with the Town of Canmore.

Loki Drainage

Working with Three Sisters Mountain Village, CAMBA trail crews and volunteers completed work on the popular Loki Trail to improve drainage and perform other minor trail upgrades, including a fun new bridge.

Powerhouse Completed

The Powerhouse trail, a short but fun downhill run, built in partnership with the Town of Canmore, was officially completed this year with the addition of a squirrel catcher feature at the start, some reinforcement of the trail surface throughout, and installation of signage.

Montane Traverse Maintenance

This year saw some overdue maintenance work to the Montane Traverse trail to address trail sustainability issues. This includes addressing trail braiding and erosion issues, drainage problems, and other minor improvements. This work was done in partnership with Alberta Parks and the Friends of Kananaskis.

What's Coming Up in 2022

Winter Grooming

First up for 2022 will be the expansion of our winter trail grooming program that we started last year at the Canmore Nordic Centre. With the purchase of our very own Swowdog groomer, we'll be expanding operations outside of the CNC to include other popular winter trails such as Highline, Loki, and more.

Project Top Gunn

A fast and fun new trail is being built at the Canmore Nordic Centre, scheduled to be open in the early summer of 2022. This trail will be downhill, difficult, and different. The goal of this project is to produce a truly black-rated trail geared toward advanced riders who like to ride fast and technical.

Benchlands Skill Park Drop Zone

An exciting expansion to the Benchlands Skills Park has been approved by the Town of Canmore and is underway. The expansion will develop a scalable series of drops with progression to help beginner (green), intermediate (blue) and advanced (black) level mountain bikers learn and develop skills to an expert level (red).

Canmore Enduro 2022

Our partners at Steedz Enduro are going to be organizing the super rad Canmore Enduro again this year. With our newly minted cooperating agreement that includes the Canmore Nordic Centre, we'll be working to ensure that the course is in tip-top shape this year.

Bow Valley Kids Trail Continued

Following up on the 2021 work, early in 2022 will see the finishing and official opening of the Bow Valley Kids Trail. The work this coming year will be adding some more fun and flow to the trail, with a few fun features for the kids to enjoy on their way to and from school.


Many years in the making, an extension to the popular Highline Trail is being built by Alberta Parks, with volunteer help from the Friends of Kananaskis and CAMBA. This new trail will offer a similar riding experience Highline, with some truly amazing viewpoints along the way.

Quarry Lake Park Final Phase

Following up on the successful completion of the Quarry Lake drop zone, the final phase of the Quarry Lake Trails project will be to connect the existing trails to the Quarry Lake parking lot, providing a truly connected trail experience.

Alberta Parks TBD

With our newly minted cooperating agreement with Alberta Environment & Parks, we'll be working hard over the winter preparing work plans for maintenance on AEP trails. Stay tuned for info to come, but you can expect lots of activity going on next season.