Trail Work, September 18, 2022

Trail Work, September 18, 2022

September 18, 2022

It's been a busy couple of weeks, so busy in fact that we missed last week's trail report. No worries though, we're coming at you with a double dose this week that includes more work on Cloudline, some work on Reclaimer, and fun at the CNC.


Work on Cloudline, assisting Alberta Parks, remains the focus for CAMBA for the remainder of this build season. On Saturday, September 10th, we hosted a public trail day on Cloudline. The day was a huge success, with great strides made on the trail thanks to a brilliant turnout of amazing volunteers!

The hard work of our volunteers was rewarded by our sponsors, Outside Bike and Ski and SMITH Optics, who provided some amazing prizing. And a special thanks to another sponsor Boston Pizza, for delivering pizza after a hard day of digging!

After a productive afternoon, the volunteers and crew were welcomed down to Fergus and Bix, which has recently opened on main street, for a social. Fergus and Bix currently have a CAMBA charity tap pouring, with a donation to the trails from every pint sold. Need another excuse for a beer? Now you have one!

A MASSIVE thank you to all of our incredible sponsors and volunteers. You all rock!


The crew had the chance to revisit the entrance to Reclaimer last week. With the planned opening of the Grassi Lakes, there is a chance that the trail will reopen before the snow sets in. (At least we have our fingers crossed!)

Loose gravel was removed from the entrance, and the trail tread was returned to neutral. Some additional rock work was done to add drainage and maintain a technical challenge.

Canmore Nordic Centre

Last but not least is some assisting our friends at RMCC with the grooming of the proposed cyclocross course for the upcoming race. The crew worked with volunteers from RMCC to ensure the surface was in tip-top shape and ready for competitors!

cnc rmcc

Next Week

This week the crew will continue to focus work on the Cloudline build with Alberta Parks. Also, some very good things are happening up at the Canmore Nordic Centre with Project Top Gunn. Readers can expect an update next week. Until then, Happy Trails!