Support the Trails with Membership

When you purchase a CAMBA membership you are giving directly back to the trails by supporting trail building, advocacy, and maintenance. CAMBA memberships are affordable, easy to get online, and come with great benefits.

Adult Membership

Single membership for adults aged 18 and older.


Family Membership

Group membership for up to 4 family members.


Youth Membership

Single membership for youths aged 17 or younger.


Membership Benefits

Recouping the cost of a membership is easy when you use the great benefits that come with it. Deals at the bike shops, discounts on coffee and food, plus more.

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Some Discounts Suspended

Unfortunately due to the unprecedented issues with the cycling industry supply chain, some of our member benefit businesses have suspended the discount for CAMBA members for the time being. We hope that things rebound soon and that these discounts will be re-instated.

10% Off Service & $500 off vehicle purchase

15% Off Parts & Accessories

10% Discount Online

Contact us for a discount code.

15% Discount

10% Discount

Includes labor for suspension work

10% Off Pints & Growler Fills

10% Off Drinks

10% Off Food & Drinks

10% Off Food & Drinks

Affordable Personal Bike Insurance