CAMBA NO LIMIT Ante up & Ride Poker Contest at Plaid Goat

CAMBA is proud to be sponsoring our first ever “NO LIMIT Ante Up & Ride” Poker Contest at this years Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest. The contest will take place on Saturday, June 22 and is available only to CAMBA members.

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How does the game work?

The objective of the contest is to gather up as many stamps as possible. There will be a variety of different ways for players to obtain stamps. Each stamp will be redeemed for a playing card in a standard 52 card deck. From their cards players will make the best 5 card poker hand according to standard poker rules. The player with the best hand wins the grand prize, the runner up wins second prize, and on down the line.

The following outlines the game process:

  • The contest will commence at 10:00 am on Saturday morning. At that time players will visit the CAMBA tent to obtain a contest package.
  • Through a variety of means (listed below) players will gather up as many stamps as possible throughout the course of the day.
  • From 6:00 to 7:00 pm players must visit the CAMBA tent to exchange stamps for playing cards and build their poker hand. Each players hand will be recorded.
  • From 7:00 to 7:30 pm winners will be announced at the Red Bull Sugga beside the Beer Garden. Prizes will be awarded at that time.

How do I get stamps?

Players obtain stamps through a variety of means.

  1. Pre-registering for the contest will earn players 1 stamp. See below for information on how to pre-register. Stamp will be included in your Pre-Registered PKG picked-up at the CAMBA tent Saturday morning at 10am.
  2. On Saturday morning a list of trails will be released on social media and at the CAMBA tent. Riding each of the trails on the list will count for 1 stamp. The stamps themselves will be physically located on the trails so players must ride the trails, find the stamp on that trail, and stamp their card. The stamps will be clearly marked by 2 yellow cones, and placed in a safe and obvious locations.
  3. Each shuttle ride taken during the day will earn players 1 stamp. The shuttle driver will stamp your playing card. Obtain your stamp before 6pm.
  4. Each bike demo during the day will earn players 1 stamp (maximum 1 per vendor). Obtain your stamp from bike company representative before 6pm.
  5. Purchasing a Plaid Goat Red Ale at the beer tent will earn players (a maximum of) 1 stamp. Obtain your stamp from Bartender before 6pm.
  6. Participating in the Jump Jam or Bike Rodeo will earn players 1 stamp. One stamp will be awarded for each event for a maximum of 2 stamps. Obtain your stamp for Jump Jam at CAMBA tent before 6pm, and get your stamp for Bike Rodeo from a Flannel Crew member before 6pm.
  7. Purchasing a piece of CAMBA merchandise at the CAMBA tent will earn players 1 stamp. A stamp will be awarded for each piece of merch purchased with no maximum. Obtain your stamp at CAMBA tent before 6pm.
  8. Making a $20 donation to CAMBA will earn players 1 stamp with no maximum on the number of donations. Obtain your stamp at CAMBA tent before 6pm.
  9. Getting a friend to sign up for a CAMBA membership at the CAMBA tent will earn players 1 stamp. Obtain your stamp at CAMBA tent before 6pm.
  10. Following CAMBA on Facebook or Instagram and tagging us in a post that day will earn players a (maximum of 1) stamp. Obtain your stamp at CAMBA tent before 6pm.
  11. Making a ($5 minimum) purchase at any of the bike shops (Rebound Cycle, Bicycle Cafe, and Outside Bike & Ski) will earn players 1 stamp with a maximum of 3 stamps (1 stamp per shop). Obtain your stamp when at bike shop before 6pm.

What if I am not a CAMBA member?

Only persons will an active CAMBA membership are eligible to take part in the contest. Memberships can be obtained online at or at the CAMBA booth the day of the event. It’s highly recommended that players “skip the line” and get membership online before the event.

What happens if there is a tie?

In the event that two players have the same 5 card poker hand a tie breaker will be performed. Each contestant will draw 5 new cards and make the best hand from those cards and 2 additional community cards. The tie breakers will be carried out live at the Red Bull Sugga.

How do I pre register?

Players are strongly urged to pre register for the contest before the day of the event in order to save time at the CAMBA booth and maximize playing time. To pre register:

  1. If you haven’t already get your CAMBA membership at
  2. Sign up for the contest here