Active Projects

Project Top Gunn

Canmore Nordic Centre

Downhill. Difficult. Different. A new trail being designed for the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park will bring a unique riding experience to the Canmore area.

Razor's Improvements

Razor's Edge

Next phase of the effort to sanction Razor's Edge, involving a number of improvements to the existing trail.

Drop Zone

Benchlands Skills Park

Addition of a multi-stage drop zone to the Benchlands skills park with drops ranging from 1 ft to 8 ft.

Powerhouse Improvements

Powerhouse DH Trail

Some minor upgrades and improvements to the Powerhouse DH, following up on the initial construction of last year.

Bow Valley Kids Trail

Between Solara and Roundabout

A short but fun trail running parallel to Bow Valley Trail meant to decrease commuter congestion and give the kids a fun option on the way to school.

Completed Projects

QLP Connector

Quarry Lake Park

The Quarry Lake Mountain Bike trail network will be located in the forested area between the Quarry Lake parking lot and Peaks Drive.

Drop Zone

Quarry Lake Park

Phase 2 of the QLP project is the construction of a progressive multi-stage drop zone.

Razor's Edge Connector

Razor's Edge Trail

The Razor’s Edge Connector includes approximately 2 km of new trail between the Razor’s Edge and Quaite Valley Trails.

Powerhouse DH

Powerhouse DH Trail

Construction of a short and fun downhill run off of the Legacy Trail next to the TransAlta power plant.

Loki Bridge

Three Sisters Mountain Village

Installation of a bridge to address drainage issues on Loki trail.