Bow Valley Kids Trail

Project Status

The Bow Valley Kids trail is currently under construction, with a planned opening of September.

About the Project

The concept of the "Bow Valley Kids Trail" is to provide a fun, soft surface, trail option for school-aged riders to utilize on their way from the Cougar Creek area to downtown and return. The proposed location for the trail is the north side of Bow Valley Trail between Montane Rd and Kananaskis Way. The goal of the project is to reduce traffic on the adjacent multi-use trail and improve public safety at the approach to the Montane Rd traffic circle.

The BVT Kids Trail will include a primary line, approximately 225 metres long, running parallel to Bow Valley Trail, between Montane Rd and Kananaskis Way, situated between the culvert and the existing sealed Town of Canmore (TOC) pathway. Additionally, a 75 metre long bypass will be added around the midway point to enable the traffic to be split. The primary line closer to Bow Valley Trail will be designated for eastbound traffic, and the bypass designated for westbound traffic. Both Bi-directional and single direction sections will be clearly signed.

Overview Map of the Trail

At approximately 3 points in the bi-directional sections, wider passing bays will be added to allow for the safe passing of users. The eastern entrance will lead directly off the sealed TOC pathway. The western entrance will fan out to allow users to turn towards the pedestrian crossing on Bow ValleyTrail, or connect back up to the sealed path and pedestrian crossing on Montane Rd. A control feature (Filter) may be added at the western end to force users to slow down as they enter the pathway if needed.

At any point where the BVT Kids Trail is close or open enough to allow users to cut between the trail and the sealed pathway, large rocks will be installed to discourage multiple paths from developing.

Due to poor ground conditions at the eastern end, a wooden boardwalk will be built to bridge over this section. The boardwalk will be the same width as the trail and approximately 12-14” above grade. After the initial trail connections are complete, additional small wooden features may be added to the bypass section to provide a better user experience and more fun for the kids. These will also be trail width and no more than 12-14” above grade. A wooden up and over feature over a tree stump may also be added in an appropriate location as an additional feature. This may be narrower than trail width and higher than 12-14” above grade however it will be optional and signposted as a feature.