Razor's Edge Connector Trail

Razor’s Edge Connector Trail

Recently featured in MTBR’s Best Mountain Bike Trails in Western Canada, Razor’s Edge is one of the most technically challenging trails in the Bow Valley and considered a crown jewel for advanced riding in Kananaskis Country.

Although popular, this trail is undesignated/unsanctioned which means it is not formally recognized or maintained by Alberta Environment Parks (AEP). In 2017, CAMBA partnered with AEP and the Canmore Trail Alliance to address the trail’s use, safety, and options to formally sanction this trail. For example, the existing Razor’s Edge alignment descends a steep slope off McConnell Ridge to Highway 1. One of the key elements to completing this trail is building a new 1.9 km section of trail that will direct users off McConnell ridge and offer a loop route back to the Quaite Valley Connector trail (and avoid travel along the highway ditch and shoulder).

The new trail section is primarily descending, with a few short climbing sections to enable the trail to traverse across the slope and utilize nature features. The point at which this new trail leaves the original trail was carefully chosen to allow users to experience the majority of the technical sections that Razor’s is famous for. The new trail aligns with the style and character of the original trail, and will enhance the user’s experience. This phase of the project is critical to provide users with a better quality, longer and more enjoyable trail experience over the original line and offers a safer route back to the Quaite Valley Connector trail.

If you like building new trails, you will really enjoy working on this project which has a flare of slab and technical terrain, grade variation, and interesting flow. If you are interested in signing up to attend one of our upcoming build sessions, let us know and we’ll get you all set up.