Project Top Gunn

Project Status

The concept for a new trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park has been approved by Alberta Parks and the Kananaskis Trails Committee and the project is now in a planning and fundraising phase.

About the Project

In November 2018, CAMBA made an application to Alberta Parks and the Kananaskis Trails Committee for a new trail to be built at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The application for this trail is in response to fulfilling a recreational gap in the existing network of trails that was identified in both the Canmore Nordic Centre Summer Use Trail Master Plan (2009) and the 2016 CAMBA mountain bike trail user survey that had over 230 respondents. CAMBA hired Hang-Time Bike Parks Inc., a respected local trail design, project management and construction company, to provide the conceptual design of this trail. In December 2016, CAMBA received approval in principal for this proposal and is currently working on the detailed design and fundraising plans to see this project through to execution.

Codenamed "Project Top Gunn", this new trail will be downhill, difficult, and different; and will bring a unique riding experience to the Canmore area. Almost 750m in length, the trail will be almost entirely downhill, starting west of the entrance to Soft Yoghurt, ending when it reaches Orchid Trail. This project aims to produce a truly black-rated trail geared toward advanced riders who like to ride fast and technical. Features on the trail will be intended to aid progression, allowing riders to advance their skills. Construction of this trail is planned to begin in the late 2021 season, wrapping up and opening in 2022.

This project was made possible through funding provided by the Alberta Community Facility Enhancement Program.

While the design of the trail has yet to be finalized, we are excited to share some conceptual sketches, courtesy of our friends at Steedz Enduro.

Alignment of trail running from start of Soft Yoghurt down to Orchid

Concept for the upper section of the trail

Concept for section running behind the bike park

Concept of a hip stepdown on the lower section of the trail